Transplant Referral Blood Results

I thought it would be interesting to post, for posterity, what my blood test results were when we were referred over to the transplant team.  I know all of the numbers on the blood test are important, but there are a few that are discussed more than others, so I'll focus on those. 

The blood test that was used as a baseline to refer us to the transplant team was drawn on July 22, 2015.  Some of the relevant results are: 

  • Creatinine           3.44
  • GFR                   20.04
  • BUN                        36
  • Hemoglobin       12.2
  • Hematocrit        36.9
  • PTH                       141

There will be plenty of blood tests coming.  I won't post them all, but at significant milestones it might be interesting to post them.