Doctor's Visit & New Blood Test Results

Saw the nephrologist today.  The tone of the conversation changed a little bit today.  Until now the discussion has been that I should be in no hurry for the actual transplant and that dialysis is a long ways off and likely a road I will never need to go down.  Today there was a slight shift to it being good that we are starting the process, and while dialysis is still a ways off, he recommends that we attend a seminar on dialysis so we know our options should/when we get there.  Why the shift?  I think he was surprised at the change in blood test results.  The most recent results:

  • Creatinine          3.65
  • GFR                   18.65
  • BUN                       44
  • Hemoglobin        11.8
  • Hematocrit         35.7
  • PTH                       170

Not good changes in that list.  While not spoken, I think my doctor is a bit surprised at the magnitude of the changes the past few months.

I'm fortunate that at this point I am not taking any medication.  We stopped my blood pressure meds three or so months ago.  It sounds as if that may change given these blood tests.  He is considering starting some meds to manage some of the more out of range blood test results.  I go back and see him in 60 days.