New Blood Test Results & Doctor Visit

Had another doctor's appointment today, included some new blood test results.  The blood tests actually look better than last time.  That doesn't mean a whole lot, but better than things getting worse.  Here is what we got:

  • Creatinine      3.45
  • GFR                19.97
  • BUN                39
  • Hemoglobin  12.0
  • Hematocrit    35.8

The doctor didn't have a whole to say about the blood test results, again.  But, he did say that the fact that the results are better and things moved a fair bit in the last six weeks shows him that he really doesn't have anything that he can do to control kidney function.  He stressed that he wants us to attend a class on introduction to dialysis.  He doesn't think we'll need dialysis, but at any point my kidney function could drop dramatically and dialysis is needed pretty urgently.  He wants us to be informed about the types of dialysis so we can quickly make a decision, if one is needed.  So, we'll get that set up.

Otherwise, he said to keep moving forward with the transplant process.  He reinforced what we already know, which is to work to find a match as soon as you can so you have someone that is there and ready when the time comes.

One question I get a lot is what my doctor thinks about continuing to train for Ironman races at this stage of kidney disease.  It's a good question.  He says that the workouts will not do any further damage to my kidneys or change the disease's progression.  In his mind if I have the energy to do the race he is fine with me doing it.  He doesn't think there's any way that I'll have the energy to do it, and he may be right, but we'll see..

Go back in six more weeks.