An Update from the Transplant Center - that was fast

I had an interesting call with Sahar, our transplant coordinator, today.  I sent her an e-mail with some follow-up information that she had requested and in that message asked her if she could send us a list of the tests and hurdles that are required to get approved for the UNOS list.  We aren't in a huge hurry, but we both wanted to understand what the list looked like. 

Sahar called me back and informed me that she had presented our file to the Surgical Review Board at the hospital this morning and they had approved us for a transplant.  Once we complete the meeting with the surgeon and the cardiac stress test, both scheduled for the 19th of November, all of our tests are complete!  They found nothing in all of the tests done thus far, and given my level of physical activity, they do not expect to find anything in my cardiac stress test.  Assuming that is the result, she plans to put our file before the Medical Review Board on the morning of the 25th and there would be no reason at all for them to not approve the application.  So, barring any major surprises we should be through the process on the 25th and officially on the list.  With that we will begin talking to potential donors.

It seems a little odd that getting through the process was as easy as it was.  We're thankful for it.  It sort of confirms that but for the kidney disease I'm in fairly good health.  For me, it also confirms my belief that a transplant is not something to be scared by or afraid of.  No doubt there are going to be some hurdles to get over, likely a few large ones, but ultimately this is all for my benefit and for a much better quality of life.  Thank goodness the transplant people are here to take care of us and guide us through the process.